Friday, January 12, 2024

Little Things Hold Great Promise: An Angel Message

What a surprise when eating lunch at an outdoor cafe, an acorn fell from a high tree branch and hit my head in a resounding PING! What was the message? my friend and I laughed as I picked up the acorn, twig and all.
The next morning, what a surprise when I pulled  my patio chair out from the table. A little acorn presented in a more gentle, loving way, occupied my seat as if meant for me.  I laughed, looking up and accepted the gift.
 Without an oak tree in our yard, I wondered about the timely delivery. The answer soon appeared. A feisty squirrel chattered high up on the old oak next door.  His bushy tail flickered, giving Elliot and me the business as we enjoyed nature. 
"Do you want to be in the angel blog?" I playfully asked, knowing squirrel is about keeping a balance between working and playing, giving and taking. I hurried for my camera. He waited, perched on high, in a rowdy routine, chattering between chomps on a nut that afforded me a photo.

An acorn represents raw potential ...amazing how a mighty oak comes from such a small seed.  Imagine one little nut holds the promise of acres and acres of  acorns, as each oak shares its harvest, it is greatly multiplied.  
Squirrel as a gatherer, also prepares for the future by burying some of his cache,  but takes time to savor the fruit in the moment. 

I was thankful the squirrel had shared his fruit by planting an acorn in my chair that morning.  May I always be as generous.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen