Monday, January 8, 2024

Smile at Life: An Angel Message

Some angel messages grab your attention and make you drop everything and take notice.  Several days ago, something heavy hit the floor with a thud as I hurriedly shut the porch door in a rush to feed the birds. 

The cheerful yellow SMILE sign by the hallway door had fallen off the wall.  It laid face up. Smile in cheerful yellow writing stretched across the floor. We laughed at the timing.  That had never happened before, why now?  We were thankful for the not-so-subtle angelic reminder. Don't leave home without wearing a SMILE.  

Earlier a journal entry had been about smiling often that day. Smile before you wash a dish, smile at your oatmeal topped with blue berries, smile at the flowers, trees, smile before you begin a task large or small.  Smile, and make the world a brighter place.

S.M.I.L.E is an acronym for See Me in Life Everywhere.  

At the lake that morning, along with the usual muscovies, mallards, and sandhill cranes, another visitor took us by surprise.  This juvenile red hawk flew across the lake toward us, and landed up high on the cypress old tree to preen in the sunshine. 

Hawk is a messenger related to visionary power and guardianship.  The sky is the realm of the hawk. Hawks stir our imagination.  Whenever one shows up, pay attention.  A message is coming. 

2024 is associated with the Door. New beginnings. Change. Transformation.  New doors will be opening and others closing. A time to dream big.  

Join me today in the joy and gladness of being.  Your face is a billboard, so smile. smile. smile.  The best is yet to come. You are not alone.  God's angels are with you to guide, comfort, and bring you peace and joy.  Walk by faith and not by sight.

Happy New Year!

Rae Karen