Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Slow and Steady... An Angel Message

 I've loved turtles since I was a kid and had a miniature one for a pet.  So whenever a turtle pops up from the wild, it brings me joy and a burst of hopeful encouragement.  As you know, the turtle is an unlikely symbol of victory in the tale of the race with the rabbit. The slow turtle seemed like such a hopeless contender against such a speedy opponent.  

What a surprise when yesterday's colder weather delivered an unlikely messenger.  A Painted Turtle was crossing our driveway as we got in the car to run errands.  Thankful for divine timing,  I ran back into the house to take a photo to share with you.  His colorful shell was speckled with green pond moss.  Now on dry land, he was making tracks in an easterly direction.  

Turtle is known as a shore creature because it can navigate in both land and the water. And, sometimes the turtle is known as the keeper of the doors to spiritual realms.  This year is about doors, new doors opening...change, transformation.

Turtle energy can teach new perceptions on time and our relationship with it.  The Painted Turtle is associated with rebirth and new beginnings through determination and endurance.  Long life and groundedness within life is what turtle lessons bring.  It doesn't move fast, as if it knows it has all the time in the world. 

I watched his perseverance to keep moving on, head held high. No matter how BIG the distraction, not even this large woman looming nearby with her camera, your biggest fan, can break your stride.  Go! Go! Go!  Victory is assured... so keep moving toward the finish line.

Turns out, a painted turtle brings a reminder on the power and use of color. Unlike the picture, he was a lovely shade of green, with bright yellow stripes on his neck, but I kept my distance out of respect for his space.  I thanked him for coming by, and he paid me no mind, as I watched him traverse the garden mulch bed. He trod by the cement turtle statue with a cherub riding on its back. A reminder that we too have an unseen guardian angel urging us onward.

God is always speaking to  us, often through nature in a love note that reminds us that we are not alone.  God is Love, and with the help of His angels we can add more color to our lives. 

Love and peace,


Rae Karen