Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Reflective Moth: An Angel Message

 Yesterday morning  I saw a little brown moth on the mirror above the sink. Moths, like butterflies, are ancient symbols of change. 

Her appearance blended in with Gandhi's famous quote on the wall beneath the mirror: BE THE CHANGE THAT YOU WISH TO SEE IN THIS WORLD. 

Her brownish wings were open as she gazed into the looking glass.  Playfully I imagined her words,  Who am I...really?  

A moth emerging from a cocoon reflects the final stage of development.  A new birth is occurring.  What was hidden inside, is now appearing in the outer world.  Talents, gifts,  etc. A moth is a hopeful sign of fulfillment. 

My "winged one" was the second angel messenger on transformation. An Angelic Messenger card CHANGE had been my card of choice at bedtime the previous night.  Turning out the light, I didn't bother reading the message. 

Now, in the morning, taking a hint from Miss Moth, I  read the angelic message on CHANGE. 

The challenge of change is:  "Accepting that your larger goal is to grow in grace and find union with all living things."  

Remembering the little moth, I continued on:  

"You may be weary of challenging life and long to have things flow more easily toward love and success.  You may have spent years learning a spiritual discipline or just starting out on a spiritual path.  This card indicates that you are facing a subtle but powerful spiritual challenge, one requiring you to trust your belief in the God within and to allow the beauty and intensity of this correction to smooth your path in the physical world."

Since everyone I know is going through a change of some sort during these challenging times, I read on:

Change, when lived as a sacred process portends spiritual transformation.  All levels of change, no matter how slight or how deeply penetrating or disruptive, have something to show you about your belief in the wisdom of your teachers, masters, and the angelic messenger who sweep through your daily lives.   Change wakes you up to life as the spiritual process that it is.  Change is different from chance because change is intended to bring you continually closer to God, while chance is the purely random movement of physical energy."

"...Your spirit is tireless in its loving support and prodding of your life in order to help you move out of your own way so you can find the love you seek."  (Angelic Messenger Cards, Meredith L. Young-Sowers)

The angels draw near to heal fear, pain, or anxiety that separate you from loving yourself as a divine aspect of the Godforce.  Your heart urges you to give, share, cooperate, love and honor other living things because these are the qualities offered by an awakened spirit.

And, just in case, I didn't get the other two messages, a third appeared this morning when I drew the TRANSFORMATION Angel Card.

So dear friends, take heart, all the changes that we are going through will ultimately be rewarded as we grow in Spirit. In the meantime, just keep on asking the angels for help, and looking for ways to share your love with the world.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

P.S.  Just now while typing this up, a small white moth fluttered above the keyboard!  Change is in the air!