Thursday, December 31, 2015

Movement: A Horse Angel Message for 2016

Yesterday afternoon Elliot and I took a ride through the country on our way to an exotic orchid warehouse.  An angel thought had nudged me, take your camera.  I was glad that I had listened. 

 Elliot spotted these two horses along the way. "Here's your photo op!"  He smiled. I tried to take a picture from the car window, but the mesh fence got in the way.  I love horses, but they scare me up close. Standing by the fence, I began zooming in from a safe distance, sending them love.  "You are so beautiful.  I love you.  God loves you."

I couldn't quite get a good photo. Then I remembered the angels and asked for help. 

I shouldn't have been surprised by what happened next. The beautiful brown and white pinto turned around, and came trotting forward with a bounce in his step! 

I gulped, but stood still.  Having sent love, I now needed to welcome it.   I could feel my emotions shift from fear to love and I kept greeting my new friend, (with a little false bravado).

He seemed to sense my need and soon hung his head over the fence and just let me love him.  I found myself brushing back his long bangs so he could see more clearly.  I rubbed his forehead and stroked his smooth face.  I caught a glimpse of oneness as we looked at each other, eye to eye (not four legged to two-legged), but in a union of spirit. His radiant brown eyes held ancient wisdom and strength and I could feel my heart being blessed by our exchange.  And then we parted, each heading in our own direction.

Back on the road, I was surprised by a strange welling up in my chest, a lump in my throat.  Something deeper had happened that I couldn't explain, but I was moving forward with a greater love and appreciation for all Life. 

Later I learned that horse brings with it a message of new journeys and new balance, suggesting it's time to travel and discover the different wonders of life.  Horse teaches us how to ride forward into a new direction to discover our own freedom and power.  Whenever a horse shows up, there will be movement.

Happy trails to you all and all the best in the New Year!  May we all move forward toward the gift of love.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen