Monday, June 13, 2016

A Shower of Trumpet Blossoms: An Angel Message

The heavy rains last night reflected the overwhelming tears that stemmed from the horrific tragedy that took fifty lives in Orlando early Sunday morning. 

I thought about the great dispensation of Light that June brings with the assistance of the upper realms and wondered how such a thing could happen during a time of great Love outpouring on humanity.

This morning's soft light called me to take a walk through the neighborhood.  The quiet empty streets were calming as I walked with the sun on my face.  

Almost home, passing by  the woods, I saw the sidewalk up ahead had been showered with bright orange blossoms.  Having passed through the storm, they were at peace.  I gently gathered each tender flower in a bouquet in honor of their passing. The trumpet vine is a childhood favorite, now each trumpet shaped bloom reminded me of Gabriel's Horn. A call for Love.

God is Love. It brings comfort to try and understand that the more Light, the more aggressive and heightened  the ego negativity until it fades away into its native nothingness.  With our prayers and light-filled consciousness, we can help change the world.  Let today be a time to extend love to Orlando and all the families of those who passed on.  Let's choose to light up the world and not lose faith.


Rae Karen