Saturday, June 18, 2016

Coincidence: An Angel Message

At Koan Mini Storage on 15A, a new koan is posted every week. "COINCIDENCE IS GOD's WAY OF REMAINING ANONYMOUS" is a good one.   That uplifting message came into play this week.  On Tuesday evening,  I was suddenly inspired to make a box of angel scrolls.  A year had passed since I rolled the scrolls to offer encouragement along the way.  

On Wednesday, the teller at the bank was happy to receive one. The next errand was to return library books.  As I hurried to the outside drop box, I passed by a tall dark man in a baseball cap.  He stood waiting by the entrance. After a quick hello, I got back in the car, but a strong angel nudge told me to turn around and offer a scroll to him. I got the box out of my purse.

"Would you like an angel scroll?" I asked. Then my eyes popped open at the team logo on his base ball cap!  The LA Angels! I stared at the large  "A" with its halo!  "The angels are already with you."  I laughed.  "You're on their team!" Something funny happened in that exchange.  I got the strangest feeling as if looking at a real angel in disguise.  Thanking me, he picked an angel scroll, the Angel of Abundance, and tucked it in his pocket.  

With the angels around, we are abundant.  That coincidence was a good lesson  to follow the angel nudges and not hold back.  

Enjoy your day with the Angels and look for coincidence and remember it is God's way of being anonymous.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen