Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Light on the Path: An Angel Message

                                (Garden sunlit path 2016)

Several days ago while in the garden, I was too busy to notice the waterfall of cascading sunlight on the path until I uploaded this photo.  Beauty is all around us, lighting the way with angel messages.  If we take a moment to really observe our surroundings what joy awaits our experience. 
A lesson from nature appeared recently.  A bucket of a dozen bromeliad plants greeted me one morning with a surprise. I had uprooted them several weeks ago. It was too hot to work in the garden. So imagine my surprise coming down the garden path to discover one of those flowers had bloomed in the bucket of rainwater!

I marveled at the lengths it had grown to in order to bloom against all odds.  No dirt, in a crowded bucket of plants soaking in rainwater!  The amazing red bloomer had extended its stem, reaching high above the other plants, so it could bathe in the sunlight.  It was an exuberant message of perserverance and faith.

I looked up the esoteric message of the Bromeliad: to open up to our deepest nature, our true self that is part of a greater whole.  

These flowers teach that we are surrounded by all the support (love) we need.  They can help us challenge the flawed views we have about life and ourselves.  When we learn to build on the potential within us instead of focusing on our seeming faults, we can bloom by being our true self.  Faith blooms in a garden...

Enjoy your day with the Angels!

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen