Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Angels of Vision and Creativity!

It's great to be back after a long season of healing a physical eyesight issue.  Like all challenges, they can be an opportunity to sit in stillness and surrender to the lessons to be learned from these gifts.   There were many! I began to focus on spirit and became less judgmental as I could only discern the spiritual essence of those I would encounter.  All bodies had morphed into dimly formed shapes as if being seen under water.

I, too, began to gain a better understanding that I was not my body.  Deep within me I became acquainted more with that perfect part of me that is eternal, untouched by human perceptions.  I found a quiet assurance of peace as I lived each day, moment to moment, practicing the inner presence of divine Truth until my eye surgery three months later.  It was a time of extreme growth and I know I never could have gotten through it without the help of Christ and the Angels.

On May 3oth, as I got ready for my follow-up eye visit, I decided to wear my new green Life is Good T-shirt.  Two tall trees pictured on the front with the phrase, Let's Come Together, is written underneath.  A last minute thought came to wear my flower pendant from Mom several years ago (shown above), but I couldn't find the chain. 

At the doctors, I got a wonderful report.  20/20 vision in my right eye.

Here's where synchronicity comes into play, as only the angels can do.

Several days later, a distant friend sent an email video of a beautiful crop circle. Watching it on youtube, an inner voice prompted. That flower is like your pendant.   And the Circle had appeared at Chicklade, Wiltshire, England on May 30th, the same day of my appointment. 

You can view the beautiful footage here:


Afterward I hurried to my jewelry box.  Did the flower have six petals?

It did!  

When these synchronicities appear, you may have noticed an excitement, a charge of energy that uplifts you beyond the mundane. Expansive.  While they are personal in nature, they are universal in consciousness as we are all united in Divine Mind.

 The number 6 has to do with harmony and balance, and a flower is a beautiful expression of God's Love.  I was reminded of a verse in the Return of the Bird Tribe by Ken Carey: 

Something is touching down upon this earth, something from the stars.  Something is landing upon the still waters of the hearts that trust in God, speaking to the hearts of people who love.”  

The next morning, these two angel cards were randomly drawn together for daily guidance.  The Angel of Vision and The Angel of Creativity.  

In his book, Rising Out of Chaos, Simon Peter Fuller writes that England is the heart chakra of the world.  For over twenty years, the English countryside has been the recipient of these transformational symbols.  And humanity is called to keep our vision on high, seeing with the lens of Love.

Love and joyful Angel blessings,

Rae Karen