Monday, March 26, 2018

The Physics of the Quest: An Angel Message

These two inspiring angel cards popped up today.  Love and Creativity go hand in hand.
What if we could really understand that every encounter is designed for our highest good.  The people we meet, the circumstances we face, all serve one purpose, to love and to heal, as the universe is always conspiring on our behalf.  Some call this the physics of the quest.  Each person, animal, event is an important piece of our own personal puzzle, but more often than not, we are unaware that this is so.  Love passes by largely unnoticed.

And what detail, this infinite divine intelligence, Love creates, in weaving moments of our lives strand by strand, often mending holes in our hearts.  Such an encounter recently happened. What a surprise to find this lovable fur ball mewing outside our patio fence, eyeing a bowlful of dry nuggets for our favorite stray, Gus.  At first glance, this rare visitor reminded me of our cat, Angel, who had graduated from earth last fall.  The sudden appearance of a similar feline seemed like a dream come true.  Elliot and I had been waiting for another cat, but the right one hadn't come along.  In many ways, this seemed like an angel delivery.

But a deeper mystery was playing out.  Manard, wise beyond his twelves years, had recently moved in a few doors down.  His human mama had graduated from earth school. Her grandson, away at college, hoped to keep the beloved pet in the family.  His new charge, Ken, a wonderful humanitarian, ex-son-in-law and devoted father, who worked from home, accepted the responsibility.

Our new feline friend spent most of his days wandering through the vacant lot next door to visit our yard where he would hang out in the sunshine, resting on the patio by a bowl of nuggets.  The weather was so beautiful that I'd spend most of the time reading and working at the umbrella table with Manard beside me.  It's funny, but I knew he was giving me a chance to heal from the sudden passing of Angel.    And, also I had a feeling that it was a win-win as I brought comforting maternal energy that helped him deal with grief  from the loss of his dear Mama.  While love is never complicated, life itself can be rolled up in a ball of yarn that creates a continuous thread of everlasting loving moments.

Before Manard, we hardly knew our neighbor other than an occasional hello.  Now, often Ken would appear at the garden fence, peeking through the lattice to check in on his new family member.  This would open up universal discussions on spirituality, science, metaphysics, and writing.  I laughed remembering the sit-com, Home Improvement, where the wise unseen neighbor would appear at the fence, with great advice for Tim Allen, the tool show star.

Change was in the air.  We learned that Manard was ready to make his own transition soon.  I was so thankful for the understanding that there is no death.  But this unexpected encounter made me dig deeper.  Through afternoons with Manard, I learned that each moment is a gift.  I could enjoy just being in the now.  Thankful for everything.  What a miracle --this little cat would choose to come and stay by me.   Visits with Ken through the fence revealed that he, too, was being healed as he revisited his mother's passing many years ago.  Those haunting questions of guilt.  Did we do the right thing?  Could we have done more?

I shared my own story about my mother's passing in 2014.   I could see how loving divine Mind is to
bring hearts together to share and to heal.  And the best part, we all knew Manard would leave when his work was finished.  And he did, but not until he made sure we understood that love waits on welcome, not on time.  He passed on Ken's birthday, March 21st, and we had a celebration of life that evening as we gathered on our porch in gratitude for Manard's gift.  Amazing what a little eight pound ball of fur can do to change the world.  

Yesterday morning, on a whim, I looked through the lattice fence where I first saw him.  Thank you, Manard.  I said, imagining those beautiful eyes looking at me on the other side.  My attention was suddenly drawn to the ground. To my surprise, an old garden plaque had fallen down, and had been  buried by the fence.  Digging it out, I turned the sign over. Smiling, I read the words, Bless This Garden.  And He did.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen