Friday, March 9, 2018

The Angels of Happiness

The city of happiness is in the state of mind.    
               --Christine Moore

An angel thought came this morning to brighten the day.  A reminder that every so called negative has a positive if I take the time to look for it. A quick review of past challenges proved this to be true.  Good is all pervasive just as light is ever present, darkness is a mere shadow.  The sun never sets; it is always shining somewhere.

So I'm beginning to understand more that happiness is an inside job.  It is a joyful spirit within each moment waiting to shine out in the world.  Our sixteenth President Abraham Lincoln once said, "A man is just about as happy as he decides to be."

So today I will look for happiness both inside and out. 

In the book Angel Intelligence, author Rav. Yehuda Berg teaches that we can summon the Angels of Happiness by saying the Aramaic word: "Hidu." When you say Hidu, you draw down gleaming energy from a touchable realm of angels.

Hidu! Hidu! Wishing you happy days with your Angels.

Joyful blessings, 

Rae Karen