Thursday, March 29, 2018

Lessons from a Garden Hose: An Angel Message

Watering the meditation garden early this morning, the long black 75-ft. garden hose followed my lead.  Wending its way behind me, down the stepping stone path, it slid like a snake, among the colorful wildflowers. Tall purple spiderworts, low-lying clusters of dainty pink shamrocks, rose colored vincas, and bright yellow daisies.  On a mission, I was enjoying the quiet hum of nature when suddenly the water stopped without a single drop to share.  Giving the hose an impetuous yank, it became apparent that a little crimp had pinched off the flow.  Practicing patience, but with an ever so slight sigh, I retraced my steps back to the cause.  A crease had squeezed the long hose in opposite directions, clogging the harmony.  The water was abundant, but blocked.

In that moment, I could see how the same dynamics play out in our relationships at times.  Everything is flowing beautifully, showering our lives with joy and love, but then out of the blue it stops.  A crimp or a tight loop is the culprit.  There are many causes for these annoying interruptions, but mostly they are looped from hurt feelings, bruised egos, or even a sense of self-righteousness that close the gap, replaying over again and again in our memory.

As I examined the knot in the old black garden hose, the remedy was an easy hands-on fix.  Untangle the snarl, and let it flow.  Continue the joy of gardening, with gratitude, in the cool sunshine.

A funny thing happened later when I was hosing off the twiggy concrete patio.  Elliot returned from an errand.  Pulling up in the driveway, he noticed the black garden hose.  It had formed a large loop that resembled the Christ fish.  Look what you made! He smiled.

And so it was.  I had not intended this to be a blog, but beginning a new writing lesson, the instructions were to let the words flow without a filter.   The morning hose lesson is what came forth.  So many little ways we feel the touch of God working subtly in our lives.  The wonderful Gardener who gave us new life.  I must learn to let Him control the flow without any interference from me.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen