Thursday, November 17, 2022

We Deliver For You: An Angel Message

Did you ever wonder how you attract things into your awareness?  You buy a red Volkswagen-Bug, and suddenly you see them everywhere?
Years ago, in a government course, Investment in Excellence, I learned the key.  It's the work of a small part of the brain called the Reticular Activating System (R.A.S.)  The RAS works as a filter, allowing those things into your consciousness that mold your reality as you believe it to be, the special interests you currently entertain.

The R.A.S. directs your attention and brings things into your visual range according to your desires.

In 2017, when I took up a fun hobby of exchanging postcards around the world, mail trucks began to pop up wherever I went.  An uncanny postcard would catch my attention in a movie, and a trail of mail memorabilia crossed my path.  My RAS was fully charged to deliver my desires as postcards became a real focus. 
On a spontaneous outing in town, yard sale signs led to a detour in search of postcards at an annual church yard sale. No postcards were there, but something better came my way, unexpectedly.   A wintry postal scene,  matted and framed, filled a longing for snowy winter weather, I miss out on in southern living.    
 I imagined standing in the stillness of quiet drifting snowflakes, gazing at those distant white-capped mountains, and felt such a peace in that moment.  The mail boxes, with a red flag up, and tongues hanging, hungry for mail reflected a touch of humor to a new postal passion.   
Four years later, both sending and receiving postcards from around the world still fuels my desire. This year a rare sight appeared at the local gas station on World Postcard Day.  A roundup of US Mail trucks waiting in tandem to fuel up to deliver. 
Whenever I see, "We deliver for you", my thought turns to God's angels; a loving and gentle reminder from our celestial messengers,We Deliver For You.  Don't lose faith.  The best is yet to be.  
I'm so thankful for God's  angels who are constantly and selflessly ready to deliver and bless. Our thoughts are energy, (fuel) and where our attention goes, the energy flows, so why not think on the bright side.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen