Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Angelic Atmosphere: An Angel Message


Yesterday, 11/28,  around 11:00 a.m. while carrying some items out to the garage, I got one of those angel taps to look up at the sky.

A cloud resembled a profile of an angel with large flowing wings, over the pasture next door.

When I turned around to face the sun, the blue sky was radiant, glowing with feathery rainbow clouds. Rainbow clouds so bright my eyes couldn't look directly at their spectacular beauty.  I ran for my camera; the battery was dead, and quickly replaced it, hoping the celestial phenomena would be waiting.  And it was.

With the camera aimed upward, I snapped away, unable to look at the glaring sun.  In that wonderful moment, it seemed like a glimpse of the bigger picture. A preview of what is yet to be. The atmosphere seemed filled with heavenly help.  A reminder that more is going on than meets our human understanding. A heavenly sign to keep having faith, the best is yet to be.


Love and peace,

Rae Karen