Saturday, August 11, 2018

You Are a Law Unto Yourself: An Angel Message


Recently I read, Declare a thing and it shall be true for you. You are a law unto yourself. 

What a powerful decree.  A strong reminder that we are the gatekeepers of what thoughts we allow to enter our mind, so stand guard.  I can see how my own thoughts attract my experiences.  If I tell myself that the grocery store will be crowded, the lines long, that's exactly what I get.  

This happened one Sunday when I needed to pick up some items at the grocery store for a loved one. An "angel thought" reminded me that what I decree will be true for me, so why not expect the best.  
So, I set an intention that everything would go smoothly. The angels would go before me, making my path straight and clear. It would be a pleasant time, too.  

And you know, that's exactly what I got. 

Yes, the store was busy, but there was a quiet hush. I made my way to a cashier, with no waiting in line.  I had other errands to run, and each one was better than the first. People smiled and were loving, some even gave me a hug and a kind word.  A nurse at the retirement home I was visiting held the elevator for me and my shopping cart, calling me, Sweetie. Afterwards, I realized the day was a demonstration of what I declared and expected!  Harmony!

So, if I start to complain that "I HAVE TO" do something, I quickly change my mind to "I GET TO" do it.  Grateful that I am willing and able.  And,  I can even do it in a spirit of grace and lovingkindness as I go about my business with the loving support of the angels. 

Enjoy your day with the Angels, and live in the quiet expectation of goodness.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

(postcard- zazzle)