Monday, February 14, 2022

Keep Looking Up: An Angel Message

It had been a long time since I selected an angel card from the swan bowl. VISION was the card of choice. The pic of a little angel taking a vision test made me smile.  The eye chart letters spelled: SOUL/ SIGHT/ FUTURE. 

In the afternoon, a ride to the rehab center magnified the symbolism. Peacock is a powerful bird of resurrection and wise vision (watchfulness).  Two outstanding features are its beautiful feathers and raucous calls.  The call has a kind of laughter as if a reminder to laugh at life.  Peacocks have ugly feet, and there is a story that the peacock screeches whenever it catches sight of them.  Feet represent dominion and discipleship, the foundation of our structure.  What are the feet of a peacock saying about your life? Wherever you plant your feet is holy ground.

It had started to mist when Elliot and I arrived, circling the rehab parking lot, in hopes of seeing one of my favorite birds.  As you can see, this stately fellow at rest on the lawn was in no mood for a visit.

Around the bend, I was in luck, another lone peacock strutted along, dragging his train of royal  plumage.  I got out of the car for a picture, but he scurried down the path to get out of the drizzle. 

It may sound strange but as I stood in the rain, a sense of peacefulness washed over me, at just being able to see these magnificent fairy-tale-like birds that remind me to look for the beauty in life.   

A sudden stirring on the roof-top made me look up.  

A pair of peacocks were watching me. There was the photo op!  It had been there all along.  

What joy to watch one shimmy and shake in the light rain, pivoting in full regalia on the roof. Soon he folded his plumage, lifted his crowned head, and let out a soulful heartfelt call.  In the stillness, a lone peahen answered the call from the woods. Love was in the air.  

And, to top it off, as I turned around, the draggy-tailed peacock suddenly flew up a tree and looked down at me.  

Another angel message to keep looking up and see all the good that is already present in every moment. 

Expect the happy things of God to come your way today.  Look up and have a heart-filled Valentine's Day with your angels. 

Love and joyful blessings,


Rae Karen