Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Bee Miracle at Notre Dame Cathedral - Angel Message

In keeping with the blog resurrection theme, the angels pointed out the three beehives that miraculously survived the devastating fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral.  While sadly watching the story on PBS during holy week, I was surprised to learn that 180,000 bees were living on the roof.  Why were they congregating there? I wondered.  In 1995, I had visited the historic cathedral in Paris. Notre Dame is French for "Our Lady" and refers to the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

 In 2013, the honeybees took up residence on the church roof  as part of a beekeeping initiative to assist their dwindling apis population.

I knew that bee represents accomplishing the impossible, as many years ago scientists were uncertain as to how they could fly.  With such a large body and small wings, the bee defies the laws of aerodynamics.

Honeybees are also excellent builders.  Their honeycombs are constructed in a six-sided hexagon.  A symbol of the sun and its energies. The Notre Dame beehives were located on a sacristy roof about 100-feet below the main roof that burned.

Hearing about the miracle of the honeybees brought a joyful note of  encouragement.  Dedicated firemen had worked through the night to preserve the 800-year old stone cathedral, rescuing priceless artwork and religious relics from the blaze.  It was heartwarming to watch the French people gather together in prayer and sing hymns in an evening vigil. The church alive within each heart burned brightly.

The bee is a reminder to sip the honey of life and to be productive while the sun is shining. "The bee reminds us that no matter how great the dream, there is the promise of fulfillment if we pursue it."  The elixer of life is as sweet as honey. 

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Ref. Animal-Speak, Ted Andrews