Wednesday, May 1, 2019

In Pursuit of Peacocks: An Angel Message

I always get a thrill at the sight of a peacock! My inner child perks up as if turning the pages of a favorite fairy tale. Peacocks bring to mind the wonder of life. Miracles. This exquisite bird, with its many feathery "eyes" of turquoise and emerald, show up and out with a message:  Be watchful for all of the little miracles that cross your path each day.  There is so much to be grateful for.  The little crown on top of their royal blue head is a reminder that we rule our day by the thoughts we think. Thoughts are energy, so watch what you're putting out there. Love or fear.

Now the call of a peacock in no way matches its magnificent beauty.  A loud raucous screech, it demands attention and sounds like a cat bellowing in distress or a wild woman lost in the forest. 

 On our last visit to St. Augustine, we visited the little chapel on the beautiful Sacred Acre at Mission Nombre de Dios. A favorite spot on the inlet where I feel close to God in nature.   

 In the quietude of the vine covered chapel,  my prayer time was suddenly interrupted by the distinct call of a peacock.  I'll admit that I sprang from my seat on the last row of the old wood pew and ran out into the sunlight. 

But there was no peacock.  

Chastising myself for the distraction, I returned to the chapel.  The call must have come from The Ponce de Leon Fountain of Youth next door, a tourist attraction where wild peacocks roam among the tall oaks. 

Walking the Mission path, I turned it over to the angels.  If I was suppose to see a peacock it would happen, and only if the peacock wanted to  come by.  Elliot and I sat down to rest on a stone bench overlooking the water.  Several osprey flew over, casting their shadow on the lawn. 

Then I heard the peacock call!  I jumped up  and there he was.  Outside the tall wrought iron fence at the Mission.  He had ventured across the neighborhood street and was looking my way.   There was no way for me to get outside the fence to greet him, but I told him I was thankful he had shown up.  To my surprise, he turned and headed back through a construction site, as I tried my best to take pictures through the fence railing.  

The caller emerges here.

Leading the way, my phone camera follows.  See his reflection in the rain puddle.
He kept on strutting, showing me the way.
When he approached this tall wooden fence, with a gate,  I expected he was stopping by for a handout.  Someone would step out to feed him.  But to my surprise, he just leaped up on the fence top and dropped down on the other side.  An idea emerged for us to go to Fountain of Youth the next morning.

Well, it might seem like a wild peacock chase, but we followed the lead.    Our last visit was back in 2011.  Colonial America began here 55 years before the Pilgrim's landed on Plymouth Rock.
As we got out of the car, a peacock called loudly from a tree in the parking lot.  Heard but not seen. We took it as a cue.

Entering the admissions gate, we walked by the beautiful garden, where Elliot spotted a statue of a peacock watching over the flowers.

 But more was to come.  Around the corner, this beauty appeared.  At first, his backside was to the camera--nothing special, just drab and plain. But it was amusing to see his brown tail feathers were happily wagging like a duck.

To our delight, slowly he pivoted...

VOILA!  What a show!

I was so thankful that Elliot and I had followed the call of the wild peacock.  It led us to spend a beautiful morning in nature.  The park had just opened.  We strolled down the new long wooden pier and sat on the deck admiring the sparkling crystal waters of the St. Augustine Inlet. It was one of those lovely moments in time that go beyond words.

So, I'll admit that maybe it was my imagination when the peacock first appeared through the fence, leading the way. But a special request from the angels does had spice to the mystery of life.   And, I took away another message from my peacock teacher.  Turn around and express your best side as you go through the day.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen