Saturday, July 6, 2019

Lake Restoration with Heavenly Help

This morning Elliot and I took an impromptu ride to a local farmer's market in nearby Lake Helen.  Afterwards, we stopped by our favorite spot, the lake in that town. We'd read some good news about it recently in the local paper.   Over the years, this is the place we would come and bring our chairs, eat lunch, read, and just enjoy the tranquility of the lake.   The herons, ibis, ducks, osprey, turkeys, fish, and occasional turtles added to the flavor of our outing.

Then in 2016 that all changed when invasive hydrilla clogged the waters, sapping the oxygen from the lake, killing fish, and making the lake unsafe for boating and swimming.

How sad that what once had been a serene spot in nature was now being choked off by fast-growing hydrilla. At that time, prayers were sent up to ask the angels for help in restoring the lake for all to enjoy.

Working with the angels brings results.  In the news last week, we read how a community action team got together and made things happen.  Money was funded to dredge the lake and volunteers worked weekend after weekend to manually cut out the invasive plants that were hauled off by a local paid trucker.   As we witnessed this morning, all their hard work had paid off.
Lake Helen 7/6/19

Today it did my heart good to see the clear lake's moving waters reflect blue sky and white clouds like a mirror.   Happy families of ducks and sandhill cranes were hanging out with the peeps who were fishing in the beautiful lake.
Lake Helen, 7/6/19

We thanked all of the angels for helping to restore the lake and the team of caring people to answer the prayer.  Like I mentioned in yesterday's blog, I've been trying to silently acknowledge every one's guardian angel.  It takes practice to remember.

It was amusing on the way home, Elliot and I stopped for an Italian lunch.  Walking into Angelina's, the oldies song Earth Angel happened to be playing on the restaurant's sound system.  How perfect is that, we thought, again thanking the Earth Angels for their tireless dedication and service.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen