Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Taking It At Your Pace: An Angel Message

The sudden appearance of wild turkeys always brings to mind a gift of thankfulness and abundance.  Last weekend while out for a drive,  Elliot and I happened upon a rare blessing, a large family of turkeys were crossing the country road.  

We slowed down so the group could decide which way to proceed.  Some were heading to the other side of the road, while others were confused over which way to go and darted back and forth.  

We patiently waited, yielding to nature and giving them time to find their bearings.  Then to our surprise, they were soon in one accord and decided rather than crossing, they would trot down the road, leading the way.  In awe of nature, we slowly but thankfully followed the abundant flock.

I did manage to catch this photo as they finally turned off the road to gobble up the green grass. We were thankful for their message to be grateful in all circumstances.

Farther down the road and around the bend, we saw another unusual traveler.  Slowly we passed by a dusty old tortoise making tracks in his lane.  A wonderful reminder to keep moving forward in the direction you're being led.  After all, his slow, but steady pace won him the race, against all odds.  So don't give up, just keeping doing your best.

I love it when loving angel messages appear in nature.  The more I appreciate the beauty of the simple things in life, the louder nature seems to call, to celebrate her gifts, moment by moment.  So no matter if you're looking to trot or taking it slow and easy, enjoy the journey along the way.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen