Saturday, July 20, 2019

Set-backs Become Set-ups: An Angel Message

This beautiful peacock caught me by surprise on Thursday morning.  We were visiting the sacred grounds at Our Lady of LaLeche, a favorite spot we like to come and be in nature in St. Augustine.  After an hour's drive, it was somewhat disappointing that our favorite bench in the shade that overlooks the inlet, was occupied.  So we gratefully sat down on another bench, with a water view in the sunlight, and soaked up the beauty and peace. 

Before long the hot sun motivated us to walk the shaded path on the Mission  grounds.  That's when I caught sight of a familiar profile.  A peacock was sticking its head out of a tall patch of green grass the gardener had overlooked. Elliot was surprised that I'd spotted the regal bird.  It had wisely nestled down in the cool green grasses under the shade of a tree by the shimmering sunlit waters. 

Wanting to luxuriate in that special moment, I sat down not far from him, hoping to get back up on my feet again. He didn't seem to mind my company as together we looked out at the tranquil view.

Later, to my surprise, when I gracefully stood back up,  I spotted something in the grass not far from him.  A long bronze colored peacock feather!   I almost didn't take it, but an angel thought said, why not?

 Kind of funny how things work out at times.  If our usual bench had been free, I would have missed the gift of the peacock. Whenever a peacock shows up, it's a sign to be watchful for my thoughts.  What am I thinking?  Love or fear.

More was to come.  In the early evening, following the lead of another angel thought, we stopped by Ponce de Leon's Fountain of Youth after dinner to look for peacocks. 

The timing was perfect. 

As we entered the parking lot, a parking spot was available just as this gorgeous peacock greeted us with a show.  Peacock represents resurrection energy and wise vision (watchfulness).     He majestically popped open his beautiful exquisite fan and began shimmying up and back.  All those expansive feathery eyes balanced in beauty as he proudly pivoted in the sunlight shining through the trees.  I was thankful for the lovely visual reminder to keep showing up at your best, and turning around to look for the good in every situation. 


Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen