Saturday, January 2, 2021

The Remnants of Christmas: An Angel Message

Early this morning, I got busy taking down our Christmas tree.  All of the ornaments were soon packed  in boxes.  The 6-foot pine was easily separated in two large sections.  Folding up the top green leafy branches all went well until I reached down, and grabbed hold of the clump of  bottom branches. 

As I started to fold them up, LOL what a surprise.  A little brown lizard leapt out of the branches, and sprang onto the floor.  

Had he been there all along, enjoying the lights of Christmas?  His spirits were high as he scurried around the sun-room, escaping a chance to be released outdoors.  Oh well, the slider is open, he can go as easily as he came.

Lizard represents detachment, and also a sign to pay attention to our dreams.  

The story didn't end there, though... 

I saw one remaining ornament hidden underneath the branches.   An angel in flight holding a heart, with a perfect message for the whole year long:  

Love is what dreams are made of.

But there was even more...

 Elliot soon returned from carrying the tree sections to storage.  He handed me the last ornament. "This fell off the tree as I went through the door to the garage." was the peace dove carrying a laurel branch marked PEACE AND JOY.  

I loved it!

Believe it or not, while typing the blog, the little peace dove flew off the desk by my laptop.  It landed on the floor.  I laughed, maybe it got caught up in my shirt sleeve, but I got the message:  Remember to offer Peace and Joy this year.
Love and peace,
Rae Karen