Friday, January 8, 2021

Relying on Spirit: An Angel Message

 On my morning walk yesterday, I was deep in thought about our nation, and the great need for healing prayers.  Up ahead, an unusual sight caught my eye.  A young white egret was foraging on the lawn and bushes in search of sustenance.   I sent out a blessing for him to find food.  

Around the bend, the bench by the community lake was so inviting, I sat down to rest in the sunshine to reflect on yesterday's sad events.   

To my surprise, an American flag, on a tall pole on the other side of the lake cast a reflection on the clear waters.  The red, white and blue stripes waved in the ripples. 

To my surprise, that young egret, on the path, soon waded right by me in the shallow waters at the lake's edge. So focused on the goal, he didn't pay any attention to me.  I watched those golden eyes narrow as he spotted something beneath the surface.  In record speed, his sharp yellow beak speared the waters. Breakfast--in one gulp. 

I could see the stringy water weeds, snagged on his dark stick-like legs, as he slowly waded on, one step at a time. Focused on the water, he stopped to wait.  Soon, another opportunity appeared.  Vigilance and patience had paid off. 

As he stood still in the warmth of the sun, his feathery white neck turned to stretch into the letter "S", glistening in the light. "S" for Spirit.

 I was thankful for the timely message to rely on Spirit, and to assert ourselves when opportunities appear.

This morning, the angels must have wanted to make sure I got the message.  A baby white egret, with soggy feathers from last night's rain, ventured close to the sun-room.  I'd never seen one so young.  Soon, her wings opened and she took to the sky on a quest. 

I was thankful for yet another angelic message from nature to rely on Spirit, and keep our thoughts and prayers on-high.  The best is yet to come.


 Love and peace,

Rae Karen

(photo: from Lake Helen last fall)