Sunday, January 24, 2021

A Radiant Single Heart: An Angel Message

 This morning's heavy rain didn't stay around for long.  The skies cleared in the afternoon, and to my surprise, LOVE was in the forecast.  From the sun-room window, I happened to look out. Above our neighbors' roof, something unusually wonderful caught my attention.   

Was there really a golden heart leaf clinging to a naked vine? 

I grabbed my camera to zoom in, not trusting my vision.  It may seem strange, but the sight of that lone golden heart radiating a message of love on such a gray day was uplifting.  Later, I noticed the heart was perfectly positioned on a vine directly below the thick communication cables. 

I was thankful for the angel message from nature that love makes all the difference.  Why not let love underscore all of our communications with each other, and ourselves today.  The world is in need of tenderness and healing. 

Peace and love to you all,

Rae Karen