Saturday, January 1, 2022

Happy 2022: An Angel Message


On New Year's Eve, an angel thought reminded me to choose an angel virtue to strengthen my spiritual growth in 2022.  The idea is from Anselm Gruen's book, Angels of Grace. It has 50 angels with a description on each virtue.  When we adopt one attitude (angel) for the whole year, it will have an effect on our whole life, and something new will happen in us.    Angels want to bring out something within us, something we may forget or be to distracted to notice in our everyday lives.

If this idea speaks to you, choose the angel you need, the one you believe will do you the most good just now.  You can print out the list below, cut it in strips, and pray for guidance, before randomly picking one. Or, simply pray for guidance, close your eyes, and run your finger down the page to stop on the angel meant to accompany you in 2022. Or, maybe you intuitively know the perfect one of choice.

Angel of Love

Angel of Reconciliation 

Angel of Exuberance

Angel of Safekeeping

Angel of Leaving

Angel of Community

Angel of Calm

Angel of Passion

Angel of Truthfulness

Angel of Gratitude

Angel of Renunciation

Angel of Risk

Angel of Confidence

Angel of Solitude

Angel of Sisterhood

Angel of Self-Surrender

Angel of Warmth

Angel of Courage

Angel of Patience

Angel of Lightness

Angel of Openness

Angel of Temperance

Angel of Forgiveness

Angel of Freedom

Angel of Parting

Angel of Mourning

Angel of Transformation

Angel of Enthusiasm

Angel of Healing

Angel of Faithfulness

Angel of Tenderness

Angel of Cheerfulness

Angel of Devotion

Angel of Harmony

Angel of Clarity

Angel of Slowness

Angel of Retreat

Angel of Attentiveness

Angel of Mildness

Angel of Humility

Angel of Fulfillment

Angel of Endurance

Angel of Trust

Angel of Compassion

Angel of Comfort

Angel of Prudence

Angel of Reverence

Angel of Understanding

Angel of Darkness

Angel of Quiet 


Angels remind us: God is near.  You are bathed in His healing and loving presence.  

It is a wonderful idea to imagine this year I will be accompanied by the angel of courage or the angel of faithfulness or the angel of harmony.  Angels are the messengers of hope.  They represent our potential for transformation, so that we increasingly match the "original picture" of divine perfection we already are in Truth. 

Expect miracles. Thoughts are things...  God's love is infinite, supreme.  

An amazing thing happened just now as I reread the angel blog.  A large brown bird flew toward the house so close to my window, I saw expansive wings glide near the rooftop.   I ran to look out the opposite window, thinking it was a hawk. But I was in for a big surprise. A wild turkey landed by the   playhouse and trotted off in the yard!   I'd never seen one fly high like that...something exciting and new in the wings. And, what a powerful symbol for all of us; a sign of gratitude and thanksgiving as we begin a New Year in the company of God's angels.  

Love, peace, and joy,


Rae Karen