Friday, January 7, 2022

Ibis and a Crescent Moon: An Angel Message

 Yesterday at the lake, I happened to look up to find an unusual sight.  Three ibis were standing tall on the power lines. The birds’ snowy white feathers glistened in the warmth of the sun of the first month of the new year, 2022.  What were those long-legged waders doing on high.  In all the years, I've never seen an ibis on the wire.  My eyes traveled higher, and to my surprise the moon was out, etched in a blue sky of wispy white clouds. I felt a cosmic connection between me, the ibis, and the moon. In that moment, something decisive happened, an intersection of our world and the spiritual world.

Ibis are a bird of communication, and it seemed important to capture the moment, and me without my camera. I’ve been working with the concept of time being relative, and if something is ours to do, we will have time to do it...if we just keep moving forward.  Working with that thought, I returned home, got my camera (a 2-mile drive to the house) hoping the messengers would be waiting for a photo opportunity. 


Coming round the bend by the lake, I could see two ibis standing erect on the left-hand side of the extended power cable, and two others on the right-hand side.  Balance.  The bright sun made it hard to see as I tried to capture the moon in the picture.  When the photos were uploaded, one ibis was standing on one leg.  A touch of humor, or showing off? I wondered about the message.  Was it to write while I still have a leg to stand on?  Or I’m getting a leg-up from the ibis, a spiritual boost on a writing project about the birds. 

Although the moon had faded out of the picture, this morning when I looked up ibis (or Nile Bird), I read the curved beak or crescent-shape is symbolic of the moon.  "If the ibis draws close to you, a spiritual call is sounding your name.  You have been chosen to enter into a new and elevated spiritual understanding."

Last night an angel thought suddenly nudged me to look out the window. I was glad I listened.  The crescent moon hung like a fingernail glowing in the night sky.  

2022 is a year of blessings.  A year when doors of opportunity will open that are not on your usual radar.  Let us begin the New Year by asking to be filled with the knowledge that we are truly loved by God.  "Let me see how how much God loves me."  He has given His angels charge over us when we abide in the consciousness of the Most High.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen