Wednesday, January 12, 2022

When, O when will you soar?

While reading Amazing Grace, A Vocabulary of Faith, by Kathleen Norris, I lit upon a passage of quotes by Saint Mechthild, a mystic and poet, know as a troubadour of the love that binds the soul.  The 13th century Benedictine nun's inspirational writings about bird flight lifted my spirit, and I wanted to share her prose about God's love with you.

“When a bird remains long on the ground it thereby weakens its wings and its feathers grow heavy.  Then it rises, flaps its wings and swings itself up till it takes to the air and glides into flight.  The longer it flies, the more blissfully it soars, refreshing itself, hardly alighting on the earth to rest.  So it is with the soul: the wings of love have taken from it the desire for earthly things.  We must prepare ourselves in the same way if we wish to come to God.  We must rise on wings of longing up to him.”     

"In so far as we live here in God’s love,/So far shall we soar in bliss in the heavenly heights,/ So far will the power of love be given us."  

"When, O when will you soar?”  --Mechthild


 When O when will I soar? I began asking myself, especially when weighed down by any fearful thoughts. 

Synchronicity was at play when I discovered a Willow Tree figurine entitled,"Soar", for sale on-line.  When the statue arrived in the mail, it took me a while to notice the girl had no wings, unlike the other Willow Tree angels in my limited collection.  Yet the symbolism was even more meaningful and timely to me as she was setting her dove-like spirit free. A time to reflect, a time to soar!

I'm so thankful for the angelic prompts that guide us on our upward journey.  How comforting to find that whatever we need to learn and grow is presented in a simple yet profound symbol of synchronicity that comes right on time.  Synchronicity, the language of angels lifts the heart.  How blessed are we to embrace the loving company of these humble divine messengers who tirelessly work on our behalf to help us soar and remind us that there is nothing to fear.  God is Love.

Love and peace,


Rae Karen