Monday, April 11, 2022

Too Good To Be True: An Angel Message

 Jesus tells us rather than worry, to stop and look up at the birds of the air.  They neither sow nor reap and yet our heavenly Father takes care of them.  Aren't you more valuable than the birds?  

Last month,  I woke up one morning in the grip of something heavy and dark; pressured on all sides.  Thank goodness, I realized how oppositional energy tempts me to start the day off on the wrong foot.  When this happens, immediately I know it's time to turn up the light.  Not believe any fearful thoughts that roll by in clouds of doom and gloom. When I open my eyes, I always begin the day with gratitude for God and the angels. Although my spirit knows the truth, my emotional body at times takes longer to align with inner peace.

So that morning, I got out of bed, feeling somewhat constrained, my bare feet padded out to the sun-room. When I opened the blinds, I spotted a rare sight. 

 Tom Turkey, in his full regalia, was far off in the distance. Fanning his tail, he pivoted in the sunlight. I smiled at this angel sign to be grateful for all the good in that very moment.  The sunlit morning, the green pasture, and the sight of a big, beautiful, happy wild turkey.  It had been awhile since I'd seen the  turkeys, so this seemed like an angel message.  A reminder not to complain, but give thanks for everything.  Wanting a photo of old Tom to share with you, I asked the angels for help, but the turkey was too far away to capture the moment.  I decided to let it go, and be thankful my mood had shifted.  

As I walked to the sofa to join Elliot for meditation, another angel thought came in. All things are possible with God.  And, if God wanted me to have a close-up picture of Tom, he could just appear in the driveway, well within range.  

With that thought, I sat down and closed my eyes to meditate.  

Mozart was playing on the stereo; a peacefulness filled the sun-room. Hei-Hei, our tabby, was fast asleep in his wicker basket by the glass slider.  After a minute or so, the serenity was suddenly broken by a loud THUD at the slider. 

A force hit so  hard, it scared Hei-Hei awake. His nails clicked lickety-split on the wood floor as he ran for safety in the dining room.   

Curious, I got up to take a look.

LOL! Goose bumps rippled my arms.  Healing tears filled my eyes.  


Old Tom Turkey stood at the windowpane, so close, we were eye-to-eye. His tail feathers fanned, his beautiful blue painted face and bright red wattle were a glorious sight to behold.  In that incredible moment, the angels' love seemed palpable. He wanted to come inside!  I forgot all about the camera at first, and just showered him with love and gratitude for his message:

All things are possible with God.  Have faith.  Don't worry.  You will always see clearly what you need to see.  What's yours will come to you, so expect good things! And, don't be a doubting "Thomas" that God knows your every need and will always deliver on time.

So dear friends, be at peace today and remember you are in the company of angels.  God is Love.  Look for the good in every moment. God loves you.


Rae Karen