Tuesday, June 7, 2022

A Burst of Buttercup: An Angel Message


Yesterday's heavy rains brought an unexpected gift from nature. A wild buttercup had popped out among the rocks this morning. I spotted her shining at lunchtime from the sun-room. Yellow is the color of FAITH. Something we can all use at this hour.  The joyful "volunteer" had managed to bloom among the rock-edged sidewalk.  "I did it! And, so can you!"  I appreciated the encouraging message.  Her buttery petals, cheerfully opened wide to embrace the sun. 

Buttercup is unique and can thrive in every part of the garden. Her message:  "With proper self-worth, we can succeed in every environment."

Buttercup carries an energy to awaken a new sense of self-worth.  We will come to know our special gifts and how to apply them. Others will express their appreciation for our abilities.  This flower heralds a time of healing and understanding.  

The buttercup reminds us to be more expressive ourselves.  The power of  our words, especially when applied to healing, will be increasing.  Opportunities for new life directions are coming to share your light.  Buttercup is also a reminder of self-worth, and how words can affect all things. So be careful to choose your words wisely for they will have greater influence now.

I'm so thankful for the angel messages from nature.  If you're reading this, the buttercup is on your path today.  We are all growing between a rock and a hard spot during these challenging times on Earth.  But how comforting to know God will see us through if we have faith and keep reaching toward the Light to bloom.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

 Ref. Nature-Speak, Ted Andrews