Thursday, June 23, 2022

Out of the Box: An Angel Message

It takes lots of patience and perseverance to work a jigsaw puzzle, not a favorite past-time, but a friend's enthusiasm on fitting all the pieces together in order to see the BIG picture seemed like a good discipline. And, maybe, it could be fun with the right puzzle to frame. 

So when this cute 300-piece puzzle of Norman Catwell turned up on-line, I was motivated to give it a try.  The self-portrait of the yellow tabby cat was a reminder that we, too, are not as we physically appear in matter.  Recently I read that all of the matter our body comprises would fit on the head of a pin.  If that's not enough to pop our illusion of self-grandeur.   

With help from an eager family member, the Norman Rockwell cat puzzle was completed in an afternoon.  My job was mostly sorting the colors patterns, and finding the straight-edge border pieces for the frame.  And, I did manage to piece together the face of the artist cat, gazing at himself in the mirror.

A few days later, a lesson formed, teaching what we focus on, we naturally attract.  Where our attention goes, the energy flows.  

It happened on the Summer Solstice.  An impromptu drive to the beach revealed a beautiful golden sunset above a roaring surf.  A windswept beach had only a few shells scattered along the hard-packed sandy shore, but I accepted the motion to come down from the look-out deck and comb the beach for a souvenir of the occasion. 

The pickings were slim on the vacant beach, but soon I had a few unbroken surf clam shells.  

Then I spotted something unusual. 

 A small black-and-white "hand" shell.  It seemed like a rare gift from the sea.  In all the years, living by the ocean, I'd yet to come across one of these.  Following a trail of sandpipers, I soon discovered another larger "hand" shell in the sea debris.   

Curious, I wondered what these shells were called, but forgot about it on the drive home.  

It wasn't until this morning, while searching for something else in a cabinet, the answer surfaced.   More cat energy.  An old forgotten laminated photo guide, Shells of Florida, classified the sea gifts as Atlantic Kitten Paws.  

How purrrfect is that?  :-D

 Enjoy your day with your angels.  And, remember, you are never alone.  You are more than you know.  Where your attention goes, the energy flows, so think on the bright side.  God loves you, and no matter what, never give up.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen