Thursday, June 9, 2022

Don't Take the Bait: An Angel Message

 Last week our favorite sandhill crane, Stretch, faced a major challenge.  His foot got tangled in a fishing line someone carelessly tossed on the lake shore. 

Keeping an eye out at the lake this morning, I found a sharp hook on a short fishing line, and a glittery black rubber worm.  Was it a sign not to swallow the bait today?  I laughed, picking it up. 


Sometimes like a fish swimming near the bottom of a tranquil lake, we are at peace, far below the surface of emotional tides such as fear, guilt, hatred, judgment, resentment, and anger.
Then someone lowers a fishing line with an irresistible lure.  And, we react, swallowing the bait, hook, line and sinker, reeled into a drama.  Adamant error is expressed in self-will,  self-justification, and self-love. The truth needs no defense, it just is.  God is Love.
The guidance from the angels for today is a reminder that when anything tempts to disturb your peace, no matter how egregious, rather than take the bait, quickly turn and swim away, asking the Holy Spirit for peace, before you get hooked in an argument or heated debate. 
Your angels are with you.  Trust in divine wisdom.
Love and peace,
Rae Karen