Thursday, July 28, 2022

Seasons of Life: An Angel Message

 An old stone plaque recently found a new place on the bedroom wall.  One morning, I laid in bed seeing it with fresh eyes.  A swift winged angel thought pointed out that no matter what season we're in, the sun is always shining within.  We are eternal rays of divine radiance. Throughout all the seasons symbolized here:  the daffodil for spring; the sunny flower for summer; the falling leaves for autumn; and, the snowflake for winter, we are forever as changeless as the sun.  Our radiant spirit abides in the Eternal Noon now, shining brilliantly with no variable of change.

 I found comfort by that loving symbolism and it serves as a reminder that we constantly shine  in Christ.

Yesterday, shortly after the lawn had been mowed, an unusual visitor showed up in the yard. One I've only seen a couple of times. 

An armadillo! 

His snout was buried in the grass, rooting around the tree for sustenance. These bony plated creatures amaze me. A remnant of the past, a knight's armor.  

With such determination, he paid no attention to the strange woman at the window gawking with a camera.  Even a late afternoon sun shower didn't dissuade him from his quest to keep on digging.  

It seemed like one of those deliberate angel messages. 

 Wanting to dig deeper myself,  I learned armadillo is a Spanish word that means little armored one. The name refers to the bony plates of protection that cover its head, body, legs, and tail. When threatened, it will roll itself up into a ball for protection.  

 Whenever an armadillo appears, it usually indicates that the opportunity for a new birth is coming within the next 8-9 months.  It will be important though not to roll ourselves up and hide from the opportunity for fear we may be vulnerable.  If distressed, the armadillo can delay giving birth for up to two and a half years!  Armadillo can show you how to adjust your rhythms so that what you wish to create will occur at the safest time, at the right season.   

"To everything there is... a season and a time to every purpose under heaven."  (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

Enjoy the sunshine of life today, and be comforted that God has sent his angels to guard, guide, and protect you along the way. You are never alone.

Love and peace,


Rae Karen

(Ref. Animal-Speak, Ted Andrews)