Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Love Will Make a Way: An Angel Message

Thank you for your prayers and loving support for Florida during devastating Hurricane Ian.  Every prayer has power and makes a difference.  

As the winds and heavy rain pounded, I found peace in knowing that we were not alone in the storm.  People were praying for us, and hosts of angels were standing by for protection and guidance as promised in  Psalm 91. If I could just keep my consciousness above the raging winds and heavy rain, and reside in the shelter of the Most High.  In the dark, I heard the intermittent song of a tree frog--quacking like a duck.  A reminder to Fully Rely On God, not for myself alone, but all life, the birds, animals, flowers and trees. There were moments of peace as I envisioned the many towering hardwood trees out back joined together underneath a canopy of divine love. And, prayed to know that each person's guardian angel was watching over them and keeping them safe in the storm.     

In the daylight the next morning,  I watched the palm trees bend and sway, bowing down, surrendering to the wind.  A lesson for me to be flexible.  Palm trees symbolize victory.  The heavy rains created a mini lake in the backyard.  A lone sandhill crane paddled by like a duck, but soon the waters receded with no damage to the house. And, the tender sight of the sandhill family reunited in the pasture brought a tear of gratitude as the young "colts" had not yet earned their wings. 

Later, a mourning dove flew in and nibbled on cracked corn by the bird feeder.   The voice of the dove is the rain song.  The song of the mourning dove reminds us that no matter what our life conditions, new waters and new life are still possible.   

A wild buttercup had bloomed, and stood tall after the storm.  A yellow blossom, the color of faith. Endurance--doing our best to bloom where we're planted.  The timing was good because I discovered a mossy-covered black turtle stuck in the fence.  He needed a helping hand, a little push to get going again.  Something we all need to do for each other during these challenging times.

 What a comfort to know that no matter what, we are always in the company of God's angels.  Love will make a way. Thank God.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen