Sunday, October 9, 2022

Camel Synchronicity : An Angel Message


 Synchronicity is the language of angels but often the pieces don't come together until sometime later.  Several weeks ago, I bought a tiny pewter camel at the flea market.  And just recently, I learned the symbol for the Jewish New Year 5783 is a Camel.  


A year of Grace and Abundance.  We are to be like a camel and go forward into the new year to share the abundance of God's provision.  A camel can carry up to 1,000 lbs. on its back, stores up energy in its hump, and can drink 30 gallons of water in ten minutes.  Built 6-feet off the ground, camels have sturdy wide feet made to navigate over the sifting sands.  Equipped with 3 sets of eyelids and two sets of eyelashes, it can close up its nose to endure sand storms.  These mighty rugged animals can move at 40 m.p.h.  The inner philosophy of the camel is "the glass is half full."  Stay positive and the difficult will pass.

In looking back, my grandmother had a large tan stone, shaped like a camel's head, that she used to prop the door open.   After she passed on, I retrieved the camel as a stone of remembrance. Camels represent endurance and my grandmother had endured severe life challenges. Through it all, grandmother kept moving forward, growing stronger in her faith that carried her through the valleys.

Camels can travel far distances with little water offering transportation and goods.  The appearance of a camel often indicates that the journey ahead may be difficult, but we will endure and will have the "waters" necessary to be successful. We have a reservoir of energy greater than we realize that will carry us through.


Not only that, but God has sent his angels to accompany us all the way.  We are never alone on the journey. Love will make a way.

 Love and peace,

Rae Karen

(Camel Rock, NM, web pic)