Monday, October 24, 2022

An Angel Gong

Early this morning I heard a distinct clunk in the kitchen.  Something hit the floor, no doubt compliments of Hei-Hei, our playful tabby.  Later, I discovered it was an inspirational pebble as I picked it up and turned it over.  RELAX.   I smiled, grateful to start the day with a cue to relax and rest in God.  

Later, I came across the word RELAX again in an old angel blog.

Our family had been relaxing on the porch when I reminded a worried loved one that the angels were with him, and to keep on having faith.  With all the challenges, he'd been facing, he really couldn't feel the angels around him, he told me.  

Just then a distinct clank, like a gong, sounded. 

An angel ornament hanging near the front door had somehow struck against the light fixture, giving it a CLANK. And, there was no wind!


 As human nature so often doubts the validity of the angel message, we tried to recreate the tone, but of course we couldn't.  

Things did lighten up though, and we enjoyed a good laugh at the timing.  Angels were no doubt delivering a message.  No one is ever alone.  The little plaque beside it was another confirmation: 

Wherever you go, 

whatever you do, 

may an angel watch over you.

Whether we believe it or not, angels are always in our presence.  Sometimes they may appear in physical ways that make them more real, but often they embrace our thoughts with higher inspiration, taking us to a new level of grace and unconditional love. 

Lately, whenever I find myself beginning to entertain a fearful thought, I remember that there are legions of angels surrounding me.  It's such a lovely visual, that a wonderful peacefulness settles over me. 

The Psalmist wrote, "For he has given his angels charge over you to guide and protect you in all of your ways..." 

A closer look at the RELAX pebble revealed the word RELAY beginning to form.   If life is a relay race, it's comforting to know that we can do our best, and then pass the baton to our guardian angel to assure victory. 

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Rae Karen