Wednesday, January 25, 2023

2023: The Year of the Water Rabbit

Often it may take time for the puzzle pieces to fit together.  A friend from Japan sent this colorful rabbit postcard card. It took me over a week to realize it was a New Year's greeting.

Meanwhile, rabbit synchronicity was at play.  The story of Peter Rabbit unfolded in the movie Miss Potter. Renee Zellweger's portrayal of Beatrix Potter, the famous children's author and illustrator of Peter Rabbit, stirred my thoughts to the wild rascally bunnies here.  

Where had they gone? I missed their playful antics. 

The answer caught me by surprise a few days later.  I looked up from the sofa. A wild streak of fluffy fur raced toward the sun-room to hide in the landscape bushes. 


A rush of joy at a welcome sight. The rabbits were still around, although seldom seen.   

Rabbit represents fertility and new life.  They're quick--adept at shifting gears from freeze-frame to rapid acceleration, in a heartbeat.

I wasn't as quick...until someone told me, 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit. 

 A light bulb went on in my head.

I dug out the Japanese rabbit postcard from the file box; thankful for an angel message from nature. Curious, I looked up the symbolism of rabbit. 

2011 was the last Year of the Rabbit. That's when we packed up and moved down to Florida to begin a new life. 

And, 2023 is the Water Rabbit, a year of hope. This is a time we'll have the ability to turn unfortunate events around despite their upbringing.  

I've learned hope is the work of the Holy Spirit when I let go and turn things over to divine wisdom for guidance.

As far as water...  We have plenty of it.  Our favorite lake is closed, the water level is too high.  I miss the happy morning fanfare of waddling happy hearts, eager for cracked corn. The ducks are gone. They've moved on.   The good news is the water level is flooding the houses by the lake.

So in 2023, take a hint from the Water Rabbit.  Keep having hope--whatever you're facing, know it can be turned around for good.  The hardest part is letting go of any ego preconceived outcomes. With peace and patience, God's purpose for our lives can unfold for the highest good of all, one day at a time.   

Peace, love, and Joy,

Rae Karen 

(photo: spring bunny in yard)