Monday, January 23, 2023

Suck It Up, Buttercup: An Angel Message

 Angel messages often come to us in flowers, birds, trees, songs--anything that catches the attention of our soul, and translates a lesson to make it easier to understand. 

It happened with the wild buttercup plant ...the hardy volunteer, seeded by the wind, and forced to bloom and grow up between the rocky border along our front walk. The Buttercup had passed all her tests.  She cheerfully bloomed in that tight hard spot, and blessed most days with creamy yellow buttercups filled with sunshine. 

With deep roots anchored in the narrow dirt crack, Buttercup's stem managed to grow tall and thick, gaining many new branches for more buds.  Then, a recent winter freeze hit hard.  The winds blew, and she shed all of her leaves in a sad little pile on the sidewalk.  Gently, I swept them away, and thanked her for being my teacher.  

The view from the sun-room centered on what was left of Buttercup.  Two bare but sturdy stems stuck out as a testimony of her past glory.  Although now stripped bare, her lesson stuck with me. I thought about clipping her down, but something always stopped me.  

The rains came, and then the weather warmed up. 

Yesterday as I passed her by, I looked twice.  She had new life-- little green leafs, fresh and eager to begin again.  Thank you, Buttercup for another lesson. 

 Buttercups are flowers of faith...the most adaptable plant in the garden. They can bloom almost anywhere.  

Sometimes we may find ourselves down and out, stuck in a small dark place, feeling dead and empty inside. Hopelessness sets in that things will never change.   

"Suck it up, Buttercup!" is a slogan on a pick-up truck in the neighborhood.  It always brings a sheepish smile.  A snappy reminder not to whine and complain during life's challenges.  Be like the faith-filled BUTTERCUP, and suck it up.  This too shall pass.

 And, just in case the lawn service gets zealous, I placed this angel to guard the precious buttercup.  Another reminder that God's angels are with us, too.  We just need to do our best, day by day, in gratitude for all the blessings we have.

Love, Peace, and Joy,

Rae Karen