Sunday, January 1, 2023

Happy New Year, 2023: An Angel Message

Just when I gave up on the thrill of ever seeing a wild turkey roam the yard again, a stately pair strolled by on New Year's Eve. A good omen of gratitude, thanksgiving, and sharing.  Pale blue faces and rich brown plumage were a welcomed sight.  With new housing on the rise, and the thinning forest, spring-time had been their last visit. I missed the flock's happy gobbles on the driveway.

I was thankful that an angel nudge had sent me to the window in time to catch them stroll by the garden gazing ball.  A childlike thrill stirred my heart. They were safe in spite of all the changes in their environment.  My old friend, Sadie Turkey Lady came to mind.  After all, it's not everyday a wild turkey or two crosses your path. 

Turkey is a sign of a year of harvest. Turkey honors Mother Earth, and represents all of the blessings of Earth, and the ability to wisely use them to the greatest advantage. Turkey teaches a lesson on gratitude and thankfulness for all the good already here. 

May all life live in peace and harmony this year.  Have a Happy 2023!  The best is yet to be. 

Peace and joy and love, 


Rae Karen