Sunday, November 1, 2009

November 1 - All Saints Day

All the Saints by Fra Angelica

Today is the Feast of All Saints, celebrating the "communion of the saints", the phrase that states that the living on earth and the so-called dead in heaven are connected spiritually. Not even the grave can separate us. Looking through Sister Wendy's Book of Saints, here are a few of the many that are cited. Thanks to each one for their gift of courage to leave footprints of light for others to follow.

Saint Agatha, Patron Saint of Breast Disorders

Saint Catherine of Alexandria, Patron Saint of philosophers, scholars, millers, spinners,clergy, wheelwrights, young girls

Saint Margaret of Antioch, Patron Saint of Childbirth

Saint Nicholas, Patron Saint of Russia, children, sailors, unmarried girls

Saint Christopher, Patron Saint of Travelers, Motorists

Saint Francis, Patron Saint of Animals, Ecologists

Saint Luke, Patron Saint of doctors, surgeons, painters

Saint John the Apostle, Patron Saint of Theologians, writers

Many blessings,