Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012--A New Beginning

A new chapter in life opened up and Elliot and I moved to Florida the beginning of December. Divine timing would bring us here as I begin a 1 personal year in a brand new 9-year cycle. The energy of the 1 is all about planting seeds and so I'm saving the orange seeds from the delicious oranges in our backyard. When looking at the tiny hard seed it is nearly impossible to imagine what promise it holds. Not only of one juicy sweet orange, but a whole tree; and within each fruit is the potential for an entire orchard.

The scent of orange blossoms is heavenly. A reminder of the divine fragrance permeating our lives. I can see more and more that God's infinite Love is teeming in an atmosphere of celestial love around me. By keeping my receptivity tuned into this eternal bounty, the more I will experience it in everyday life. It comes when stilling my ego chatter and pausing to appreciate the beauty of the moment, like watching the sunlight filtering through the trees, or noticing an aloe vera plant in bloom, or a baby squirrel scurrying up the old camphor tree. These "now" moments are when I often get what I like to call "angel messages". Ideas from God. A sudden inspiration may come that brings a solution to a problem, or the need to reach out and be the answer to someone's prayer.

It's not a new concept, but I'd like to begin the New Year by remembering as best I can that time nor space nor distance can ever separate me from the Love of God. This Love is all encompassing and can be likened to a radio. The music is always on, broadcasting over the air waves even when my radio is off. So free will determines how well I stay attuned.

I'm beginning to realize that God is truly only Love and what stems the outpouring of this Loving Presence are my own negative thoughts. If I'm harboring resentment towards someone or a situation, I cannot fully experience this divine flow. I recently read that most of us only embrace about one percent of God's Love. This year my goal is to try harder to stay focused on that atmosphere of Divine Love.

Wishing you a most joyous and blessed year with your angels.