Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wing Fan!

One of the many ways angels influence our lives are by delivering inspirational thoughts from God to our human consciousness. These messengers can lift thought above the material sense of things to the spiritual. To the degree that we can open our mental doors to greet these heavenly visitors, they will orchestrate our day so we can move in the harmony of joy, peace, and love. There is nothing to figure out, only to open up to the flow.

No task is too small to be governed by God. These Angel
thoughts are precious and come when we are quiet and listening. No idea of God has to rush about to accomplish its purpose. A spiritual idea never has too much to do. We can choose to maintain an awareness of God's presence and power and let His Angels govern every act of our lives, in His own way.

A good way to begin listening is early in the morning...before our ego fills our mind with its incessant demands on the day. Listen instead to hear God's angel thoughts, whispering: "This day belongs to God. It is the natural unfolding of His plan and purpose. I am always at the right place at the right time with the right people."

It works if we stay in the "present awareness". For instance last Monday, Elliot and I followed a rhythm without making plans. Our first stop that afternoon was at the Buttercup Bakery where we enjoyed fresh apple cake in the sunshine. Afterwards we drove to a park to watch the birds. Getting out of the car, we were surprised by music coming from a nearby building. Through the window we saw an orchestra with people the middle of the afternoon! Someone beckoned us to step inside. We opened the door... and felt all their joy pouring out.

Soon I heard another angel message.
Go check out a nearby retirement community for Mom in case she wants to moves to Florida.

I wasn't sure anyone would be there to help us. It was late in the day. Did we need an appointment? But the flow was on. When we arrived, the marketing rep was available. The facility was great but I hesitated to make a deposit on the last vacant corner apartment. The one shown was adorable, but taken. Later at home, I called Mom to see if she wanted me to go back and look at the other one that was still available.

That night, I asked the Holy Spirit for a sign.
Was this was the right place for Mom? She had agreed to put down the money to hold it. When I called the Marketing Rep, she didn't return my call that evening or the next morning. I began to think that was the sign. A no go?

Then she called at noon and we made plans for a tour. We all did a double take when we saw the number on the door. It was the same as her current apartment in Virginia!

Elliot laughed and called out, "Mary, you're home."

I got goosebumps... an eight story building... and her three digit apartment number the same. We learned that corner apartments are hard to come by and go very fast. I was so thankful we'd followed the angel messages. Now it's up to Mom... but she has options when she comes for a visit next month.

The angels are always whispering...but are we often we make up excuses as to why we can't follow the guidance. "Not today...maybe tomorrow...we'll see how it goes." But when we are obedient, the results are usually pretty amazing. Not only do we get blessings, but often are placed in a position to help others.

So why not be an Angel fan...and remember...theses heavenly messengers are always on your team.

Joyful blessings,