Monday, January 16, 2012

Start the New Year Off with a Garden Angel

Vibrant Impressionist George Bleich, famous artist of Beyond Moongate, is starting off the New Year with the help of Angel friends. He is offering a small affordable garden angel painting for $99 in memory of his dear Mom who passed away at age 99. She would like to share her love of the Angels and Mary and Jesus and you will find them in the sky of these paintings.

These paintings will be done primarily on commission and you may choose the flower of your choice. George will even paint your garden or a portion of it if you send him a photo.

His beautiful paintings radiate peace and harmony. Presidents Ford and Reagan both enjoyed his inspirational artwork. Not only is George a brilliant artist, he is a wonderful humanitarian who truly walks the Christ walk.

To watch a video on his garden angels, go to

Many blessings,