Friday, June 26, 2015

A Penny: An Angel Blessing

It's fun to spread messages of hope.  Sometimes I'm guided to toss a penny here and there as I go about my day.  To find a penny is a sign from the angels that everything is in divine order--so try not to worry.  It will all work out.

I fondly recall a time in 1999 at the Association for Research & Enlightenment (A.R.E.) in Virginia Beach. I was up in the beautiful meditation room on the top floor enjoying an expansive view of the ocean. While sitting alone that day, I closed my eyes in meditation, and asked for clarity about my life's purpose.

A healing energy is always present in that special place. Nothing significant came to mind, but I had a feeling of peace.  Afterwards, I opened my eyes.  Looking out the window at the roof garden terrace, I was grateful to be there. Tall angel statues, plants, garden rocks, and the ocean view, heaven on earth. On a whim, in the empty room, I said aloud, "God, if I see a penny out there, I'll know You really are listening to me."

Gazing out the window, my eyes scanned the garden terrace in hopes of finding a penny.  But there wasn't one.  It didn't seem very likely anyway.

But, to my surprise, a thought came, Leave a penny for someone else.  I tried to open the balcony door to put it on the roof terrace, but the door was locked. So much for my plan.

As I turned around to go back to my chair, what a surprise.  A shiny penny was on the seat behind where I sat in meditation! "Thank you, God!" I grinned, picking it up in amazement.

The veil seemed so thin in that special moment. Feeling much lighter, I decided to look at the open Bible displayed on the table in the room. Curious as to what message may be waiting.

Psalm 92.

 I read these words: "It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord and to sing praises unto thy name, O most high."

I was grateful for the message.  To give thanks to God for Life is a most worthy purpose. Everything else will unfold at the right time.

Wishing you a day filled with joyful enthusiasm!

Rae Karen

P.S. More recently another penny crossed my path.  It appeared on this directional  arrow in the public library parking entrance.  Embedded in concrete! A permanent penny pointing the way! I laughed.  When I returned with the camera, how disappointing.  The arrow had been repainted along with the copper penny, but it was imprinted in my mind.

 When I returned to the car, Elliot and I laughed hearing Frank Sinatra singing on the radio. She talks like an angel talks...She walks like an angel walks.

 The synchronicity was funny, the angels are playful.  I love the symbolism of angels pointing the way-- follow the heavenly arrow.  Whether we see them or not, angels definitely find ways to make their joyful presence known. 

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