Friday, June 29, 2012

Angel of Gratitude

(Angel at a nearby monastery)

The angelic energy for today is one of gratitude. I love the expression on this angel's face. She seems to be in gratitude for all the Love radiations pouring down upon her.   The angels want us to know that God's will for us is happiness.  We can be happy right now.  It need not be postponed.  Often we catch ourselves believing that we'll be happy when we lose weight, or buy a new car, or get a promotion, or start a new relationship; limiting our capacity to be happy in the moment. These goals are always based on some future event that seems to hold a key to our everlasting happiness.  But more than not, once these ambitions have been achieved, sadly they have not sustained our happiness for very long, and the search continues. (I'm reminded of The Rolling Stones hit song in the 60's, I Can't Get No Satisfaction)

I'm learning that when I choose to still my mind and really listen within, I can find that state of happiness; and it isn't based on anything external.  Happiness is an inside job and it's always with us.  With God being All in All, we have everything to be grateful for, and  every reason to be happy. God put His Spirit in us.  It's already there, we don't have to do anything but accept it.  A great way to open to this gift is through the practice of meditation. With daily times set aside to connect with our Spirit, we begin to experience a shift in our consciousness that flows outwardly and touches every aspect of our lives.