Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Missing Angel?

I'm so thankful for the understanding that angels are guiding and protecting us, and our loved ones. Yesterday afternoon I was busy planting ferns in the meditation garden.  I came in the house and got cleaned up. When Elliot looked out the window to see what I'd done, he did a double take.  Our beloved little indoor cat, Angel was outside in the garden!  I was scared as I hurried to the rescue. She meowed as though she were grateful for our reunion, too. Although, it was puzzling as to how she'd made her escape, we assumed she'd gotten by one of us.

Early that same evening while watching a movie, I had an intuitive "angel" nudge.

Where's Angel?

 It was odd because THIS time I  absolutely knew there was NO way she could not be inside. But something made me check on her.  Angel was gone again.  I ran to the window. 

How did she do it? 

She was outside in the meditation garden again! 

I was so thankful I listened to the guidance because it was still daylight so I could see her.  I brought her back inside, feeling blessed that she was safely in my arms once again. 

Both times before she disappeared, I'd seen her entering our bedroom closet.  The key to her disappearing act was found.  She had pried open the small panel door to the bathtub plumbing.  A floor board was missing. An escape hatch. Angel went exploring underneath the house.

Now that we solved the secret to the mystery, the panel door was sealed to prevent a repeat performance.  But, like most of us, she hurried to the closet, tempted  to do it one more time, only the way was barred, thanks to  angel guidance.

I know Angels were watching over my sweet feline, and I learned another important lesson in the power of listening and obeying divine guidance.  Angels can help us solve problems we don't even know about, if we just answer the call.