Monday, October 8, 2012

The White Crane Teaches a Lesson

Keeping Balanced
The recent heavy rains filled an overflow area that is now a favorite hangout for our feathered friends.  This white crane is the picture of balance. Standing on an open-ended pipe for security in the water, he patiently stays focused watching for the right opportunity to make a move.   Vigilantly,  he waits.   The pipe of itself serves no purpose in the flow.  The flow has appeared without any help from it.  The land area that has been dry is now a mini lake, filled with opportunities that didn't come through the normal channel.  Nature has provided the supply. The crane only needed to show up and maintain the proper focus.

The crane is a symbol of longevity and creation through focus. A reminder that the Divine is our Source and we are infinitely supplied with every good thing if we can open our hearts and minds to receiving the inspiration.  Angel thoughts, messages sent to us from God, are constantly available in the higher regions of our mind. In stillness the answer comes.  Often we stand on a material prop, unaware of the blessings that await us, but we need to step into the abundant waters with faith. When we do, the spiritual rewards will be plentiful.
Enjoy your day with the Angels.