Friday, October 12, 2012

Dale, The Rescue Duck

Last evening Elliot and I went to the little lake over by the dome church. It's a regular haven for the birds.  Ducks, cormorants, sand hill cranes, you never know who'll show up.  We like to sit in the car, eating subs and enjoying the view. 

Something unusual was going on. 

Two sand hill cranes were putting on a show.  With wings spread wide open, facing each other,  they gracefully fluttered up and down like two ballerinas in joyful dance. I wished I had my camera.

A young woman had an opened  pet carrier.  I asked her if she was releasing a rescue? She shook her head, "I'm trying, but she's not ready."

Her feathered friend,  a small brownish duck with a reddish beak and soft brown eyes stayed close to her human guardian. 

"It's wonderful how you take care of the birds," I said, as she sprinkled seed on the ground.

The woman laughed, shaking her head. "I never liked anything with a beak before!" she said.  "Then three weeks ago, she showed up at my door with a gunshot wound." She pointed fondly to her rescue. "I rushed her to the vet and have bonded with her.  Since then, she's been healing my heart as I've been tending to her." 

"What's her name?" I asked.

"Dale. We named her that because we weren't sure if she was male or female."    

I looked at Dale, now the picture of perfect health, waddling close to her human Angel.  I watched the two of them do their own dance.  The Angel woman tried to coax Dale back into the carrier to take her home. Only Dale wasn't so sure.  She would come close to the door, then turn away.  "She's teaching me patience," the woman said.

Knowing Angels are always with us.  I decided to ask for help, expecting them to shepherd Dale right back inside the carrier.

But the dance continued for a long time.  Baiting her with food and a bowl of water. 

As I watched the process, I began to realize that Dale had her perfect place in God's kingdom.  That she was also an idea of God and as such could not have one shred of error in her.  In divine mind, she was already perfect and free.

"Maybe she doesn't want to come with me?" The woman said, with a change of heart.  "She was attacked by a crane near my house.  I just brought her from the vet and was told not to bring her back home because the crane would get her again." She wiped her tears away.

 I gave her a hug. "You did your part. You were like an angel to her."

Elliot asked. "What was your intention when you brought her here tonight?"

"I wanted to release her."

Suddenly Dale flew up in a tree. 

"Maybe that's her way of telling you that she doesn't want to go." I said. 

With a hint of relief, the woman smiled.  "I've been following signs.  I was planning to drive her to a place eight hours away, but then learned of this wonderful lake from a lady at the Vet.  So here I am." 

We looked up at Dale perched in the tree. 

"You've done everything you could for her.  The same protection that led her safely to you has led you here tonight." I said, as she wiped her eyes.  "You can go in peace, knowing you helped her."

She nodded, heading back to her car. I was guided to help with the pet carrier. When she opened the trunk, we heard the flapping  of wings.  We looked up.

Dale was standing by the cross on the church roof.  "She's sending you a message," I said.  "This is the way she wants you to remember her."

She looked up at her duck friend."I've been following signs." she said again.

"The world's a better place because of people like you," I said. "Thank you for caring."  Tears were falling as I watched her drive away.  I thought about The Oneness of the Circle of Life.  Ducks represent emotional healing and  Love is all there is. 

 I wondered who rescued who?

Enjoy your day with the Angels.