Sunday, October 7, 2012

Creative Threads

Spiderweb hanging from the tall tree limb.
When I opened my eyes this morning after meditation, I saw something unusual.  I thought it was a reflection on the window pane and got up to take a closer look.   With my camera's magnification, I could see the detail of this amazing creation, suspended from a tall tree limb, created high enough to be visible to me, just when I needed the message the most. 
Spider web early this morning, suspended from a tall limb.
The synchronicity was affirming as I usually sit on the front porch in the morning and for some reason was guided to stay in the den.  I believe the Angels speak to us through nature, and as I wrote in an earlier blog, autumn is the time of year when messages are expressed this way in abundance.

I looked up the symbolism of the spider in Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews. Spider represents creativity and the weaving of fate. The ancient mystery schools had one precept above their portals. "Know Thyself and Thou Shalt Know the Universe."  Spider reminds us that the world is woven around us.  We are the keepers and writers of our own destiny, weaving it like a web by our thoughts, feelings, and actions."

If spider has come into your life, ask yourself:

Do you need to write?  Are you inspired but not following through?
Are you using your creative opportunities?
Are you feeling closed in or stuck in a web?

Spider teaches to maintain a balance between the past and the future, physical and spiritual, male and female. Everything that you do now is weaving what you will encounter in the future.

"Weave your creative threads in the dark and then when the sun hits them, they'll glisten with intricate beauty."  

I'm so grateful each day for becoming more aware of the Circle of Life, and the Oneness of it all. Love is all around us when we take time to be fully present.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.