Monday, August 26, 2013

Angel of Victory - Overcoming the Ego

Wikimedia Commons

It's in the everyday struggles, the little nuisances, that can offer many opportunities to sharpen our spiritual acumen.  The Angels advise to stay vigilant for those moments of weakness, or when especially tired, as there is a tendency to lack patience and react.  There are many trials that test our mettle.  The secret is to go within and listen before speaking or acting.

If we could only understand that everyone in our life is there for a purpose; to help us heal and be happy.   Chance plays no part in our comings and goings.  Every circumstance has a higher aim.  If we stay open we can receive clues from those around us that help us fulfill our purpose by overcoming our little self. 

The Angels encourage us to pay attention to what is being mirrored back to us.  Like attracts like.  If we want more love, give more love.  A Course in Miracles teaches that we can only lack what we fail to give in any moment.   In our giving is our receiving as all minds are joined as One.  To be victorious means to be free of the stronghold of ego judgment.  There is no separation.  In truth, no one can reject us, because we are One with God and as Christ taught, "All that the Father has is mine."

Enjoy your day with the Angels and let us be thankful for their loving presence.

Love and blessings,