Thursday, August 8, 2013

Angels and A Good Night's Sleep

                       (The Fern Meditation Garden with Peace Pole)

I couldn't get to sleep right away last night.  The energy was so high, my mind was flooded with waves of thought coming from all directions.  Lots of meaningless activity about nothing. I tried to be still, but the tides were very big. 

I heard to get up and read Eckhart Tolle or the book Talking With Angels.  I was reminded of a CD of Tolle's The Power of Now. I could listen to it, but I chose to be stubborn, wanting to be peaceful and tune in without externals. 

Then my husband Elliot began snoring so loudly, like he was shifting gears on a Mac truck.  I had a little laugh hearing a car's engine passing by because it was no competition for him!  The drone got louder.  I asked the angels for harmony----for peace---for sleep. 

I didn't want to wake him, so reluctantly I carried my pillow into the den and stretched out on the futon facing the large picture window.  Usually I'd open the yellow curtains to enjoy the trees in the back yard.  Only this time I didn't; I was tired and energized, a strange combo.

I settled down with my pillow and a soft afghan made by an old friend.  I closed my eyes.  No sooner done, a rush of the most beautiful healing green energy poured through the window.  I could see it with my eyes closed coming through the curtains!

I wondered if the tall leafy ferns lush from heavy rains had undulated energy waves in a surprising gush that was distinguishable, boosting me with joy.  I was delighted to be the recipient of this loving energy field. It lasted only a matter of seconds, but more than enough to cause a shift in my paradigm! 

The plants and flowers in the yard are mostly rescues.  Could it be they were reciprocating the love in full appreciation?  It was amazing.  And as I laid there trying to assimilate it all, a strange thing happened.  The loud snoring stopped.  There was peace.  After a short while, I picked up my pillow and tiptoed back to bed and got a good night's sleep.

I'm learning more and more that angels are real.  When I change my mind and stay open, amazing things come to light.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and blessings,